Peer to Peer Workshop Olivia Hyunsin Kim, 3.12.2018

david rittershaus

Tanzbüro Berlin | Peer to Peer Workshop Vol. 2 Workshop with Olivia Hyunsin Kim and Diego Agulló. (Admission free)
December 3rd | 15.30-19.00 | Uferstudios

Supplementary to its regular Seminar Program, Tanzbüro is happy to announce its first peer-to-peer workshop series. Initiated and organised by choreographer Zwoisy Mears-Clarke and in cooperation with Uferstudios, these workshops are conceived and led by artists for artists actively working in the dance field.

This workshop is split into two parts with a short break in between the two:

Part 1: “Wiggling through existential bureaucracy”
Life feels like an unfair lottery. Depending on where you are/come from, decides a lot already in the visa game and your working chances in Germany. Often this question gets left out in workshops or seminars, often presumed that everyone has already won the lottery. In this workshop I will share my “learning by doing” strategies, but also hopefully as a group we can share our experiences, strategies and some remedies.

Part 2: “Everybody can open their eyes. But who knows what the ostrich sees under the ground?”

Within exploring the tension between professionalism and dilettantism, this workshop attempts to display a field of problems while paying special attention to what the pre-established pathways that determine the journey and their possible deviations are and how necessary it is to generate an awareness of how we want to move through life.

With: Olivia Hyunsin Kim and Diego Agulló
Date: Dec. 3rd 15:30-19h
Location: Uferstudios
Language: English
Registration: Send an email to