Curating EXPO Festival (28.4-4.5)

copyright ETBERLIN


EXPO Festival 2019 curated by Olivia Hyunsin Kim with Daniel Brunet and Shlomo Lieberman

Date:  1) ExploRE 28.4.2019 |14:00-18:15                     

2) Evening-Length Performances 29.4 – 4.5.2019 |Start 20:00

Place: English Theatre Berlin|International Performing Arts Center 


Olivia Hyunsin Kim is honored to be part of the curatorial team of EXPO 2019 together with Daniel Brunet and Shlomo Lieberman.

The festival kicks off on Sunday, April 28, with ExpLoRE: the format for newcomers, shorter performances and work-in-progress. This year, we have six different performances taking place on two different stages. Some of the themes examined include queerness, feminism and the seeming contradiction of greater loneliness in the age of increasing digital interconnection.
Doors open at 1pm and food, drink and music by Berlin-based international musicians and bands provide a festive backdrop for this journey of discovery.

An additional six full-length performances await you from Monday through Saturday at 8pm.
The work includes both world premieres and Berlin premieres in the fields of theater, dance, performance and a special interdisciplinary collaboration between aerial performance, live music and visual art. Post-performance discussions will be offered following Please, Repeat After Me on Tuesday, April 30 and Foreign Body_Trio on Saturday, May 4.

Olivia Hyunsin Kim will moderate the Post-Performance Discussion of Foreign Body_Trio.

For more information, please click here:

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