Olivia Hyunsin Kim “EN(coun)TER” © Clemens Heidrich


A Sound Space of Encounters!

Political and personal: During the 2022/23 season, Olivia Hyunsin Kim is the State Opera’s composer in residence. In her work as a choreographer, performer and curator, she sounds out the cultural institution, the city of Hanover and its people. She is no classical composer: What Kim brings together are people, stories, bodies. In March, she will introduce herself and her work to the audience: in conversations, music, dance karaoke and her performance Yellow Banana, which questions clichés in an equally radical and playful manner. Her invitation to EN(coun)TER is to be taken quite literally: Enter – come in! Encounter – the encounter begins!

Be ready for some concerts, performances, interactive guided tours, Drinks & Thoughts and Danceoke!

In collaboration with an amazing team at the Opera(Katharina, Kathi, Keith, Leyla, Martin, Miriam, Mehmet), singers (Carmen, Darwin, Mohsen, Petra), our ddanddarakim team, NOLPLUS+, Prisma Queer Migrants e.V. and Guy Dermosessian

Funded as part of the programme 360° – Fund for New City Cultures. The special guests NOLPLUS+ are able to be part of it because of the funding of Arts Council Korea.

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